Analog Out Podcast #53

Nintendo's Crunch Time, Child's Play Review, Star Wars Mini Arcades, Sega CD FPGA Flashcart

This week on Analog Out

Pat, Bowman, and Mike discuss the latest Child's Play movie, the news about Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch being delayed and why Nintendo did it, the new Sega CD FPGA flashcart, and more.

**Analog Out** is brought to you by Analog Out Media. Hosted by Pat Dovale and frequent collaborators, Cody Tharp & Chris Bowman, we are Orlando based game collectors, anime fans, theme park nuts, youTubers, convention fans, and all around guys who talk about stuff at a table with microphones. Subscribe to us on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Podbean, and anywhere podcasts are available. Follow us on Twitter @ProjektPat88 and @Bowmansays. Check out for more shows, game reviews, videos and more. We Love You.

Intro and Outro song produced and created by Mike Wingate.

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