Analog Out Podcast #52

E3 Bonanza! New Zelda, Animal Crossing, Star Wars, Xbox Scarlett, Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This week on Analog Out

Pat and Bowman give their full E3 impressions, reactions, and report. Zelda Breath of the Wild Sequel announced! Animal Crossing news! Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets a release date! All this and more.

**Analog Out** is brought to you by Analog Out Media. Hosted by Pat Dovale and frequent collaborators, Cody Tharp & Chris Bowman, we are Orlando based game collectors, anime fans, theme park nuts, youTubers, convention fans, and all around guys who talk about stuff at a table with microphones. Subscribe to us on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Podbean, and anywhere podcasts are available. Follow us on Twitter @ProjektPat88 and @Bowmansays. Check out for more shows, game reviews, videos and more. We Love You.

Intro and Outro song produced and created by Mike Wingate.

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